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Re: How to fix DC offset?

shows by analysing that DC offset is 0%, but when I pick up a shorter sample - let's say 5 sec. - the result is something more like this: left channel -.014 and right channel -.01.
sorry, I missed a lot of that before... both of those are really low... I know you'd like to see 0% everywhere, but I really don't think you'll have an issue with .01%.

I'd expect that the whole wave is likely avg 0% is what it is telling you? I know you shouldn't get anything at all in theory, but those figures are quite low. I just opened CEP on this machine (a laptop with an avg card) and recorded 10 secs of nothing and analyzed the bias stats... .894% and 1.012%. Much worse than your .010%! Now this is just an avg sound card thing, so I;d expect it to be not-great - but just to give you an idea of how much better yours is than a stock card recording nothing...
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