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Re: DVD torrent pulled?

I think it's important to post the governing guidelines here, if this discission is to be continued:

From the FAQ:

10. No Transcoded DVDs are allowed.
We do not allow any DVDs to be seeded that have been recompressed in any way. This includes any DVD9>DVD5 or PAL>NTSC or NTSC>PAL. Please seed the DVDs in the original released form. The only exception here is if you received a DVD with no menus or chapters, then feel free to add a menu and chapter points, but please give credit to the original author, if known. Once you download the show, you may do what you want to it, but please only share the DVDs in their original released form.

Original released form. Like SSDVDs says, the pros have the stuff to convert correctly and usually do a good job - and since they are releasing a recording, generally on silver disc, I would interpret that to fit the rule above.

A guy, in his basement, running a tool he grabbed from, isn't exactly the same thing and falls into the scenario Five posted above.

Perhaps something should be modified in the FAQ to make this more explicit, but it seems to be covered, to me.

Are you a pro that is authoring a pressed DVD release? If not, don't transcode. Am I reading that right?
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