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Re: Portable FLAC Players? Recomendations?

Originally Posted by possessed
personally, I just rip shows to 320 so I can fit more on my iPod. Unless you are using excellent speakers or headphones then it really is a waste of space IMO.

this is what I do.... If you go straight from CD (or FLAC decoded to WAVE) to 320k 44.1kHz MP3, that's really damn good for a portable player.

I have done some A/B comparissons between a few 320k MP3s and the WAV files they were encoded from (both sent to the iPod). In swapping back and forth I can barely tell the difference. If I wasn't specifically listening for it, I wouldn't care.

I'd still love to see FLAC support for the music I care more about, but for, say, "Bonnie Tyler's Greatest Hit", 320k MP3 is just fine
"There are some of these recordings where it is just a whirring, and you cannot hear the music. " - Jimmy Page, 2007 / JUL / 26
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