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Re: Convert to FLAC

okay lets start from the beginning... you made it 44kHz, I think that should be 44.1kHz? did you get it correct? also, what is the source of the files did it come from a DAT tape or cassette or something? you're saying files, do you mean to say that it is already separated into tracks?

as for the "cleaning up" it is not recommended for 1st timers , I highly recommend that you just seed the unmodified source
I will post back here with some instructions about cutting the show into tracks and converting to FLAC properly as soon as I can dig them up in past threads/write them myself if I have to.

If you want to learn about the things you asked about in #1 there's some specific information here:
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Remove some hiss,

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(scroll down)

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bring up some vocals, guitars, etc.
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