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Re: Flac fingerprint

Originally Posted by Zem
I am ready to upload the torrent, and I hope everything goes well with Azureus. Just one sticking point. I don't know how to make a flacprint. I have clicked on the Fingerprint button in Flac 1.7.1 Free Edition both before and after encoding the wav files. I create the txt file but there's no text in either file.

How do I make a flac fingerprint? I'm working in windows 98.

you have teh right idea, but I think you may be forgetting to reload the FLACs and are trying to FFP the .wav files you encoded?

1) no need to click the fingerprint button before you encode the wavs to flac. there's nothing to FFP yet.

2) once you encode the wavs to flacs, clear the little file window to get the wavs out and put in just the FLACs.

3) once the flacs (all of them, in order) are in the window without the wavs, THEN click the FFP button and name teh .txt file.

It think that'll do it for you.
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