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Re: NTSC & PAL Questions

Originally Posted by AustinSoul
If I read other threads correctly I'd be better off buying a new DVD player that plays both NTSC and PAL than buying converter software. Is that correct?
just chiming in with the rest. Don't do it. It's a pain and the results suck.

PAL has 25 frames every second. If you run that on an NTSC player that will looking to reproduce 29.97 frames every second, it's going to 'run fast' i.e. each second will have a few frames from the next second it, and so one. Time will pass faster.

The only was to fix is to make the 25 frames last 1 second when passing 29.97 in one second - in other words, you have to add 4.97 frames to each set of 25 before the next set starts to keep time constant. This doesn't usually work too well, as the frames have to be built from the existing 25 - basically duplicating a few that make it seem like it drags here and there like an old VCR tape.

The method has been refined a bit, but it still sucks. DVD players that do both are pretty common now - nearly all stores will have one or two models that will do both, and they're not too much higher$ than the NTSC only units.

The IFOedit trick is a good one - it's really fast and it'll let you watch the DVD in a pinch on an NTSC player. Much better than wasting shitloads of time actually doing the conversion to yield mediocre results.
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