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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by Phishblowz
correct me if I'm wrong Lynne...and BTW would you tell us what you would do if a taper asked you not to have their torrent shared here??? you always make solid decisions and I wonder (and think others would like to know) what you would do if faced with this issue...if you knew a torrent was upped here against the tapers wishes (regardless of whether the taper is right or wrong in feeling the way they do) what would you do???
since Lynne hasn't responded yet, i figured i would...our official policy is

I'm the taper/author/filmer and I want that show removed!
Our policy here is similar to that at a major torrent site. The rights to the audio/video belong to the performer. Once that show gets out of your hands, you don't have any control over what is done with it. If someone uploads a show that you taped/filmed/authored/remastered, you may ask the uploader to remove it ONCE (any other requests may be deleted at the discretion of the Mods), but it is up to them whether they want to ask us to remove it. However, that doesn't mean that show is permanently banned from here. Someone else may end up uploading it and not feel like asking for it to be removed.
but basically, it would depend on the situation...there are times the show might be pulled, other times it wouldn't...

a specific situation comes to mind where a DVD was seeded here that was authored using an audience audio source withuot asking permission of the taper...the taper was pissed because the band doesn't allow video [only audio], and he wanted to respect defense of the DVD authorer, i think it was an "innocent mistake", but i still feel it was a mistake, and shoulda been either reconciled with the taper or pulled...

for me personally, as both staff and a taper, i think that a tapers wishes should be respected if at all possible...end of story

this whole stance i'm hearing from certain folks about tapers having to "earn their respect" is shite in my opinion...again personally speaking -- but when we walk into a show to record, we've typically got atleast $3000 worth of gear [no donations either ] & the knowledge to get a decent sounding recording...on top of that, we can't enjoy the show like everyone else cuz taping is work, not to mention the days it takes to edit a multi-cam video...if thats not enough to get just a bit of respect, then the "requirements" are skewed and suspect
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