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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

Spider_Web, you missed the bazillion post thread about this show and the subsequent bullshit that went on with a public payoff for a trade of a tape that was subsequently chewed up... it was a huge debacle and I promise you it's not worth your time.

Originally Posted by freezer
Cool...... what lineage do you have for Led Zeppelin 2/28/75 Baton Rouge?
I wondered how this simple thread had turned into two pages... This guy obviously didn't read the other 700 page thread and was just asking the question... and you called him down like a dog or something.

What is it with you and this show? Does all that negative karma have to reinfect TTD now?
"There are some of these recordings where it is just a whirring, and you cannot hear the music. " - Jimmy Page, 2007 / JUL / 26