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Re: Modīs, please allowed MP4 video to trade on TTD

our position has always been that mediocre quality has its place, somewhere else.

Because you can get that just about anywhere, we've never seen any reason to modify the original intent and mission of this site - high quality, fan created, media sharing - to include mediocre stuff.

We've discussed mp4 before and it's a bag of worms. All depends on the profile used to encode - AND - most importantly, how in the world we would moderate that.

MP4 with h.264 set to higher profile encoding levels looks wonderful and blows away DVD, for sure. DVDs can be created with lossless 48kHz PCM audio, though. You can encode ALAC in an MP4 wrapper with h.264 to get lossless. Usually, you'll find some form of AAC which, when encoded ~320 or so, is very nice, is not lossless.

Hard for video mods to tell what the hell is happening inside an mp4 wrapper, short of downloading it and analyzing every single one. That won't be happening.

SO, it's pretty much allow MP4 and trust people to keep the quality up - OR - continue suggesting they be shared elsewhere.

So far, we've landed on the latter, every time.
"There are some of these recordings where it is just a whirring, and you cannot hear the music. " - Jimmy Page, 2007 / JUL / 26
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