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Re: It might be time to revisit Hot Tuna NAB status

Originally Posted by arfarf View Post
Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
I was talking about this, from a few days ago, which is pretty much unchanged:
There is nothing on the page you, and schmoe, linked to that seems pertinent to this discussion about Hot Tuna / Jorma's NAB status. It does spell out his anti-taping stance, and would seem to contradict the "taper friendly" portion of the message from Vanessa Kaukonen posted by direwolf-pgh in the second post of this thread. Perhaps you can illuminate me to what exactly was, in your words, recently reiterated about the anti-electronic sharing policy?

And how does this vary from the trading here of Todd Rundgren or Peter Rowan? They both had anti-electronic trading statements on their respective websites at one time, and both have stopped posting those policies, but neither have publicly stated a change in policy. If no longer posting an anti-electronic trading policy, without publicly announcing a change to that policy is reason enough to remove Rundgren and Rowan from the NAB list, why not Tuna?

All that being said, I realize "the decision of the judges is final". Thanks for hearing me out.

Late thought: The message you linked to and schmoe copied and pasted, has not changed in at least 2 years, it's just part of the "boilerplate" or "template" of the page they list upcoming tour dates, the tour dates were updated August 15th, but Jorma's screed remains unchanged.
yes, unchanged
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