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Re: Help with this complete lineage and checksums/fingerprints

The multiple accounts is fine. We don't enjoy it or encourage it but if both accounts follow the rules and seed, it's all good. Especially if its an accident.

I understand what you are saying, turner, about logging in from two different places and a different account being saved on each one. Once the cookie is set, you wouldn't necessarily notice.

When I was suggesting teamviewer before, I was only suggesting a new way we might approach helping you. Teamviewer allows one of us to see your screen, with your permission, and could probably cut a thread like this down to three posts and fix your issue in about 2 minutes because it adds visual aid.

You are having trouble communicating exactly what your problem is and exactly what is going on with your torrent client. If someone could see it, all those barriers would evaporate.

It requires a license so I was asking if anyone in the thread might happen to have one for their work stuff. Many people do these days. I do not have any extras.

So, all that aside, I wonder if it would help for you to post a screenshot of your torrent client. Do you know how to post a screenshot?
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