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Re: Vague requests for something on upload form.

Originally Posted by offtheearth View Post
Originally Posted by jabulon View Post
You have to open and copy the text file and paste that in the first box. You do the same with the ffp (open it with a text reader/editor) and paste that in the second box.
Thanks! I would suggest that this part should be in the form of an instruction such as you just provided instead of a question.

The instruction is in the left column, to the left of the giant box where you paste the text. It says "Text File", indicating where one would paste a Text File... similar to the "Date" field, which indicates where one would set a date.

We like it simply pasted in, instead of attached, as the other sites you reference do. It's faster for us to check that way.

The question is there to remind you to *also* include in the torrent, itself, as you paste into the announce thread.
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