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Thumbs up Re: Sharing a torrent on 2 trackers?

Yeah, as long as the files are identical to both sites there should be no problem to seed to two (or 3 or 4 or ???) trackers.

Now, downloading new files you don't have from two trackers at once doesn't really fly - that's where you might get screwed up with trackers fighting over which one's downloading what block of data.... Right? I've always wanted to try it out to see what happens. Anyone know?

I think I've got the same fileset seeded to something like 5 or 6 trackers a couple of times now. Depending on how you've made your torrent files to post (and then grab your personalized torrent for seeding) some sites torrents will allow your torrent program to simply add the tracker to your existing seed, but some make a fresh listing in your torrent client....

I've seen some torrents posted on different sites with slightly altered filesets, and THEY'VE had to have different folders with different torrents for each version of the files. Keep 'em the same and you're golden!
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