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Re: .torrent upload failure

Oh wait...

Do you mean your .torrent file is 822MB? As in 822 MegaBytes, when you said "822MG"?

If so, that is the problem. A .torrent file is just a list of file names and hashes (checksum which are used to verify a file has been completely assembled once it is downloaded) and is usually very small, like about 100kB (kilobytes) or so.

The size is completely dependent upon the number of files in the .torrent.

If yours is really 822MB (MegaBytes), it sounds like your have somehow included the entire contents of the torrent (all data) in your .torrent file. The .torrent file is really just a roadmap of sorts for each user to download so their torrent application can find the different pieces of the files from all the other peers and seeds running the same .torrent.

If the .torrent file itself were that big, that would be why it was being rejected when you tried to upload it.
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