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Re: Upload stats not being updated

In an effort to figure this out, I stopped all of my torrents.

I then checked my seeding opportunities at TTD.

Perfect, there are 2 leechers on a Nirvana torrent that I have, and currently no seeders. This is the torrent:

I start this torrent seeding and, very quickly, one of the leechers connects to me. I start pumping traffic over the wire, but never receive any credit for the upload. Bizarre. It's my only running torrent.

I decide to restart my BT client, so I took advantage of the downtime and upgraded Transmission from 2.50 to 2.52 at the same time.

Soon after that, my leecher reconnects and I start getting upload credit in the peers list stats for that torrent. Some time after that, my overall upload stat updates, too.

Version 2.50 of Transmission used to work fine with TTD, so it was almost certainly the restart that fixed the problem, not the upgrade to 2.52.

It remains a mystery to me, however, what caused the problem in the first place. I lost several tens of gigabytes to the issue after noticing it, and who knows how much before I even realised that my counter was stuck?

Anyway, if another user complains about the same issue, you'll have my observations to refer back to. I have not experienced this problem with any of the other trackers I regularly use (DIME, Hunger City, etc.).


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