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Re: Conversion of 24-bit FLAC to AIFF and vice versa?

My very strong suggestion is to simply get dbPowerAmp and be done with it.

it has supported converting 24bit FLAC to ALAC (Apple Lossless) for almost 2 years, now. It'll have no trouble decoding to AIFF, if that is what you need.

It is a swiss-army knife for audio conversions. I bought it, it works so well. It supports multiple cores, so if you have a Quad Core processor, it'll do 4 files at a time.

I did the whole Beatles 24bit catalog from FLAC to ALAC in about 9 minutes flat. 200+ files. The tags transfer, as well (assuming your destination format supports tagging).

Just get it, and never have to worry about any of it again. Even does ripping in secure mode. I have definitely had my money's worth from it.
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