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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by bill_kate View Post
Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
I suppose you should now list the mods you think troll others incessantly.
There is no list. But tell me what someone should do when it is a mod or an admin that has crossed the lines and/or rules. Just leave?

I don't think I troll anyone, other than freezer. That's an on/off thing and I really don't think it bothers him that much. It's not like he's a fluffy bunny.
I agree with that.

I would hope not.

If it gets to that point, the report post button can be used... and has. Discussions are had between the staff from time to time about exactly this. Sometimes people get called out and get pissy... other times, they are simply alerted to someone who got upset when no harm was meant..

either way, don't leave tell someone.

In life, if I have an issue with someone, I go to them, first, if I care to resolve it. Just be direct. Here, I'd say send a PM or just post in the thread that you find <bold the comment in a quote> over the line and would rather not have that directed at me, etc...

something... don't just leave over one person.. staff or not. No, we don't ban staff if someone gets pissy about them.. we don't ban other members, either. The issue is simply dealt with... unless it isn't ever brought up. Someone has to say *something* if they need help.
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