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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by mooncusser View Post
Originally Posted by rspencer View Post
The Poli Forum is a coffee shop, people sitting around discussing the latest news.

The Piano Bar is more of a record store. People sharing their latest finds, or their old faves.

And the Lounge is a bar. And all that that might entail. Smoking, drinking, a bit of crudity here & there. Some trash-talking, and the occasional real argument.

And what happens in a bar where you have bouncers hovering over you, waiting for you to break a rule or step ever so slightly out of line?

You quit going to that bar.

The free-wheelin' feel of the Lounge is its magic. Straighten it up, get everybody to walk in a single file line, and you'll have the same boring GD forum every other message board has.
Agree - and for the record, I typed the entry below before reading the post above (bar analogy and all).


This thread appears to me to be a study in one person's obsession with a topic, assumption of multiple facts not yet in evidence, and more than a few people willing to mess with the author. The music-oriented action happens mostly in the torrent forums. What happens in the Lounge is a social aspect of the site that's fairly unique these days. I participate at other sites that don't have nearly the flavor & fun that the Lounge does.

Not saying it can't be improved but don't see how more mods or more modding makes that happen. It's a small part of the site to me (and also the part I visit most often).

Kinda like the cool bar around the corner from the record store. Most people go to the record store for tunes. Some people also hang out at the bar. Suggesting that people who visit the store without visiting the bar should take a stake in the bar -- or that the owner of the bar should make changes to make itself more relevant (what that even means?) to the record store patrons -- seems to me a bit of a disconnect. Heck, your average torrent thread sometimes has a problem getting people to say "thank you"...

I think these are good points...

there will always be those who don't want to participate... like Hugo's wife thinks we are "retards" (or at least some of us). She's not wrong, really... the Lounge is a place where people can show their asses (though not literally ) without (much) fear of retribution.

What I cannot grasp is why some people would think they will be attacked just because they join in... if some shit is going on between Toys & freezer or me and freezer, that doesn't mean Toys and I are going to jump all over the next person that comes in.

There are many different social norms different people go by. I run into it all the time when working... something that is perfectly normal and benign to some will offend the hell out of others... being a (mostly) globally-accessible site, we're going to run into things like that from time to time.

I can tell Toys to go fuck himself and he'll get over it... it's not personal. To someone else, it would be an act of war or something.

The question, here, which I fear has no good answer:

How do we make the Lounge feel safe for 99% of people who lurk in it to participate (obviously there are several that read and don't chime in.. but continue to read) without dulling down the very dynamic that makes it so unique?

I mean, honestly, this site beats the shit out of most other torrent sites as far as community and personality goes... it may be disfunctional, but it ain't boring, by any means.
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