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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by lpfreak1170 View Post
Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
would you speak more about why you'd not post in the Lounge, no matter how it was run?
I've just never been a fan of the outside the music area community here. Not saying I dislike anyone here, I just don't like the "I should be able to say or do what I want" attitude that many of the posters seem to have.

not to badger you, but how much control and what specific things do you think people should be prohibited from posting?

There are a few things for which we have no tolerance:
- trolling family members (who don't post here and have nothing to do with TTD) of users
- posting users' personal info (full names, phone numbers, addresses, etc)

there are some others... we generally keep hands off, but when one of these things comes up, the smackdown is swift - though we don't leave much trace of it for anyone to see.

Based on your feedback, what other things would you like to see prohibited?

again, not trying to badger, just interested in your line of thought.
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