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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by bill_kate View Post
Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
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So IMO, either adjust the rules to state something to the effect of It may be a good idea to befriend the staff or become staff, that way the rules will be very flexible for you'

That is an unfair and uninformed statement.
That is your opinion and quite honestly you are one of the ones I am referring to.
You have no idea what you are talking about. Just because I talk shit back to people, I am showing favoritism to others?

Talking shit does not equate to abusing mod rights. I don;t know how you are drawing that link. I don't edit or delete their posts. I conduct myself like any other member, and I moderate the Audio Torrents area + related technical discussions.

That's how I think moderators should behave... like everyone else - not like some condescending Superman. How many friends does Superman have? None.

Moderators that participate in all aspects of the site and interact with the other members are much better able to do the job, imo, than someone that simply lurks until something comes up.
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