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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by bill_kate View Post
Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
I think Bullet enforces the rules that are there, but applies them to each case, based on merit, rather than blanket enforcement.

I do think that method works best. Policy is different than straight law and strict enforcement discourages participation in every instance I have seen.

You keep referring to mods that pop in to the lounge and enforce rules in different ways... as far as I know, Bullet does 99.9% of any mod actions in the Lounge. The staff generally does a very good job of staying to our assigned areas when it comes to pressing buttons.

Is this just a perception you have or do you have specific instances where that is happening on a regular basis?
It is my perception, based on what I see. I think bringing them up and looking at each instance would not be productive.

It is just an opinion, and my perspective.
I hope you'll take my word for it that Bullet is pretty much the sole moderator of the Lounge. It is rare that any of the rest of us push buttons in there, specifically because it is better to have a single-minded approach so people know what to expect.

The only recent exception I can think of is Wolf, who pulled some shennanigans over the last few months. That was discussed and dealt with, productively imo. That hasn't happened since the start of the year, that I can think of. Maybe that is what you are referring to?
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