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Re: The discussion areas of TTD

Originally Posted by toys View Post
Disagree james.

The GD forums were put there to try to get a sense of community going on the site. They have basically failed at that, year after year. We've got over 87k users here and it seems like less than 100 of them or so use the GD forums at all, and only a couple dozen of those 100 use them on any sort of regular basis. Trying something new would be preferable to me than more years of fail.

I like the ratio of torrent-users to lounger users.
This site is about music trading.

We have the Piano Bar for serious music discussion and it stays pretty clean in there.

But still no one uses it...

If it is already there, fairly closely modded, has little bullshit and still not being used, what should be done differently?

Heavy-hand the lounge and no longer allow any bullshit, anywhere? Easy enough... but usage will not increase.
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