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Re: Can 'audio watermarks' be banned...?

Originally Posted by sysoverload View Post
Whatever ambient noises happened at the concert are one thing. Adding extra sounds and instruments and shit after the fact is a degradation of the show, and a reduction in quality IMO. But the way these discussions usually go is that it doesn't matter if the quality is reduced as long as the file hasn't been compressed with lossy compression. Quality is subjective anyway. Whatever the remasterer chooses to layer over the show is his prerogative, and is sacrosanct. The only limitation, I guess, would be that remasterers can't add copywritten material to a show.

you make a good argument for us not allowing remasters here anymore.

we've discussed it and I don't think we really want to ban them, outright...

Would anyone have a problem if we added a rule that no seeder may add audio to a recording that was not captured at the time it was recorded?
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