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Re: Are there different "types" of SHNs?

Originally Posted by katnapz
Is there any way to tell by looking at a file if it will seek (never seen anything under the files Properties)? I never knew that seek files could be invisible (magic legs Lt Dan). Has that always been the case since SHN was invented?
No, it's not been the case since SHN was fact, the whole seektable thing was a band-aid that was added on because someone realized they dropped the ball by not making SHN files inherantly seekable. It's been a long time since I used Winamp, but I know that the version I was using (probably a function added with the shn plugin) told you whether is was seeking or non-seeking in the "file properites" window.

To further confuse this issue, as of the most recent release of shorten (why they are still developing this out of date codec is beyond me, but I digress) there is a new version of seek tables. So, that means your files now have 5 different options:
No seektables
Seektable type A added as a separate file
Seektable type B added as a separate file
Seektable type A appended to the file
Seektable type B appended to the file

There is a software method for determining which of these options is the case, but I've long since given up caring to be honest. In fact, you'll notice in all my most recent tradelist entries I note "? Seek Tables" because I simply don't know, didn't bother to check, and don't care which of the above it is. With foobar, they all playback the same way, so it becomes moot...

ssamadhi97 is a user here who is much more well-versed with SHN files and seektables than I am...maybe PM him and ask what methods you can use to determine what, if any, seektable is appended to your SHN file.

Now, one more point, the Winamp you have is probably the best...most people who are still hanging onto this program (is Five in the house? ) recommend something pre-v3 as more recent versions added bloat and adware, but no new functionality. If you prefer this software, my advice is to not update the version. There's a short discussion about that here:
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