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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

Originally Posted by SundayDriver View Post
Is this situation not analogous to that of the RIAA attempting to pull officially released music off of sites like Demonoid and Mininova? If they're even successful at pulling the material, it's almost always either available already in countless reincarnations at other sites or will be at some point. The point being once it's out there, it's out there.

with one exception - those artists actually own that work.

In this case, the taper is simply a fan and, while very much appreciated, his recording isn't subject to his whims once he gives it out.

but yes, it is the same result. If lawsuits and bully tactics can't stop it in the RIAA's case, why would anyone think some torrent mods could stop it? Besides, as has been noted, it was tried and proved impossible. And people don't like it. If we ban it, it'll just go up 30 secs later in 5 other places.. then it will show up here again when we aren't looking.

Freedom, man. Hard to control it.
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