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Red face Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by mrbobc View Post
this is a tough one to answer. i only recently was introduced to this site and as a result i downloaded about 5 older torrents and after completing, my ratio was 0.21. i seeded them for 4-5 days after, i still am, but because noone was dowlloading them my ratio was stuck at around 0.21. if it wasnt for 2 newer torrent becoming available i would take absolutely ages to get my ratio up to a respectable level.

only because i have seeded 1 of these new torrents to a ratio of nearly 4 have i bin able to get my ratio up, otherwise i'd be fooked!

if there was a ban imposed would i have ever got the chance to make it right?

i'm like most people and would like to see everyone seed at least up to a 1.0 ratio but sometimes its not possible. theres about another 5-10 torrents i would love to d/load in here but i know my ratio is gonna plummet from doing so as they are older torrents too, so ive held off.
I am new too and greedily downloaded a huge video (10GB) of the wonderful Grateful Dead - its old so who knows if I will ever seed back what I have taken but the intention is there and I will leave it on my computer to seed. Thank goodness this site won't stop me looking for more unlike others where I have struggled to maintain a decent ratio. Seems a shame to stop folk from looking for shows they want for fear of ruining a ratio because no-one is downloading it any more. I am happy to offer copies of my cassettes but didn't think anyone wanted them these days - have loads of Dead shows on cassette....
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