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2012-08-23, 04:32 AM
Hi I have a Liteon ihas524b And I happens a curious case, so to speak.
The new cds even give me a sync error at the end of the runway, ripping quality being 99.99%.
Ripping into safe mode, Dialed: drive has "acurate Stream" Feature 6
Data caches audio drive.
The off-set correction unit is +6.
It turns out that my unit does not support Overread yet discovered that checking this option synchronization errors at the end of the trail disappeared.
How can this be possible?
Please help as not to rip the box marked overread not mine-it-or not.
Be bad rip With This box checked, without this option unit?

All this means lead-in and lead-out?


2012-08-23, 01:06 PM
Ideally you want the feature Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out enabled. However if you receive a sync error on the first or on the last track your drive can't overread. In this case disable this option.

2012-08-23, 03:26 PM
that's a great drive for an x360 hack heh

2012-08-24, 01:32 AM
Yes but is that my unit does not support overread, you also in this case the box frame overread?