View Full Version : CA 14 -> CA 9100 -> PCMM10 question

2011-06-27, 02:40 PM
The way I understand I should be going in Line In on the pcmm10 because I am using a preamp instead of a battery box, Correct ?

A couple other questions:

On the preamp do you always turn it up to lets say 5 o'clock position and adjust accordingly on the pcmm10 ? Do you ever have to leave the preamp level @<hidden> around 12 o'clock level ? I understand on the pcmm10 4.5 is usually a good setting. Is this correct ?

First show taping with this rig coming up soon and don't want to mess it up. My test run went horrible as I got way too drunk :duh: Show will be loud (ZZ T) from the 11th row. Thanks in advance.

2011-06-27, 07:05 PM
I think unity on the m10 is between 3 & 4, possibly 3.5 so set it at that then set the pre. 11 o'clock on the CA9100 is unity, at that level it functions like a battery box. I haven't taped anything super loud, so maybe try around 2-3 o'clock on the pre... but check levels if you can.

2011-06-29, 11:56 AM
I don't have the M10, but do have the other gear. I always set my R09 / R05 / whatever, to unity and due to stealth conditions, tweak the volume on the 9100 (support and main act levels are usually different IME). This means I can lock the recorder buttons to prevent disaster and still easily alter the input volume.

2011-06-29, 02:35 PM
Your are able to adjust the gain at the M10 even the recorder is looked.

I set the recorder normally to 5 and adjust the recording level at the CA 9100. If the music is not loud enogh(acouistic set) and the 9100 is at full gain your are still able to add mor gain at the M10.