View Full Version : tool for testing lossy audio on mac?

2011-04-22, 07:11 PM
Can someone recommend a program that functions similarly to Traders Little Helper for a mac?

thanks in advance

2011-04-23, 01:38 AM
G'day G.

I don't use a mac but presume that CEP (if it runs on a mac) would be the tool for you. Perfect for testing for lossy / lossless.

2011-04-23, 06:46 AM
don't believe CoolEdit will run on Macs, unless yer runnin Windows through Parallels/Bootcamp/etc

i'm assuming yer looking for freeware -- Audacity is probly the mot widely used, its Spectral Analysis and Freq Analysis tools are okay [good enough for spottin lossy sources usually]

there's a few others you can look into as well, a bit more in-depth than Audacity -- Wave Surfer and Sonic Visualiser

2011-05-28, 01:28 AM
a month later but in case anybody looks this up

audacity is pretty good, but you need to go into the settings and set the upper limit of the spectral view to 20kHz. by default its at something like 7kHz, which is not useful for our purposes!