View Full Version : Converting mp3 to flac? What about mp4?

2010-11-24, 01:55 PM
Sorry if this a dumb question but if I convert mp3 to flac on my PC are they still lossy files not worth trading? What about if I convert mp4 to flac are they lossy as well? Any answers would be very helpful. Cheers

2010-11-24, 02:08 PM
Do Not convert .mp3 to FLAC .. lossy
Do Not convert .mp4 to FLAC .. lossy


ALAC to FLAC is fine
AIFF to FLAC is fine
APE to FLAC is fine
WAV to FLAC is fine

2010-11-24, 04:13 PM
If you convert mp3 or mp4 to flac you will go to hell.

2010-11-25, 06:06 PM
Message understood

2010-12-01, 07:31 PM
There is a utility called traders little helper that can decode and test files to see if they were converted back to mp3. So far I have downloaded about 10 shows from the lossless section and after I have tested them they have turned out to be mp3s!!

TLH is helpful (hah hah) with finding lossy but it definitely is not perfect. It does give false readings. Spectral analysis is the best way to spot lossy.