View Full Version : Looks normal?

2010-08-29, 11:05 PM
I got a disc from a friend who said it's lossless, but after a little digging I can't find anywhere this album was released other than on iTunes. It sure doesn't look lossy though...

2010-08-29, 11:08 PM
helps if you post a ~2 sec spectral, and a frequency analysis

2010-08-29, 11:18 PM
Apologies, here it is.

edit: I know it says m4a on top, but that's apple lossless.

2010-08-30, 01:45 AM
seems fine.

note that the iTunes encoders do not chop at 16kHz like older MP3 encoders did. That is (and always has been) an OPTION, not the rule, when encoding to MP3.

2010-08-31, 05:38 PM
Sorry, what do you mean "seems fine"? This is AAC, not MP3.