View Full Version : Acoustic CD - Lossy or Lossless

2010-08-24, 10:44 AM
I recently got hold of a promo CD-R of something and was wondering whether it's lossless or not. It's a live acoustic performance and often the frequencies don't go past 20htz, but bits with harmonica do. Is it possible this is mp3 encoded or is it how the gig was originally recorded?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

2010-08-24, 08:14 PM
Lossy. Unknown if it was recorded that way.

2010-08-25, 02:12 AM
It might be intentionally made like that because it's a promo CD. Some months ago I read about a guy who worked for MTV, I think, who was selling on eBay the promo CDs he had received from the labels, CDs which were then shared through p2p websites. They might try to do that to keep track of those CDs.

2010-08-25, 05:37 AM
It's a promo CD-R of something that was only released as a download album through iTunes. I know it would have been recorded on a small budget, I don't know whether there are any recording setups that would record to a lossy format? No MP3 can have frequencies going over 20htz can it though? This has frequencies going way past that all the time....? I don't think those frequencies are non-musicial as they only kick in when a vocal or harmonica part comes in??