View Full Version : Help in GNR 2006 soundboard

2010-01-30, 05:38 PM
Hi, I got this gig on two CDR in a trade. The Rock am ring 2006 performance, which was called a Soundboard recording.
Please check these scans. I'm not sure whether it's been mp3-ed or not.
SA + FA in eac
FA in analfreq
Thanks a lot.

2010-01-30, 05:41 PM
I think that analfreq looks allright, but I'm not 100% sure
Anyone knows what are significant points in SA and FA of an FM Source?

2010-01-30, 05:46 PM
pretty sure its from a TV broadcast based on the pilot tone [the "spike" around 15kHz in the FA, shows as a "stripe" in the SA]...anything more than that i can't tell ya

with FM, the pilot tone is at 19kHz