View Full Version : Not firewalled, can't upload????!

2010-01-03, 02:00 PM
I read the sticky about being firewalled and checked my port with canyouseeme.org. It said my port is open. I have tried turning my firewall off, Peer Guardian is off. I cannot seem to figure out why I cannot upload. Yesterday I could upload maybe 30kbps on a vid from here, Uploading other torrents are going much faster, around 500kbps or more. Why can't I get good up speeds for these torrents? Apologies if this is a redundant topic.

2010-01-03, 02:31 PM
Do those torrents have any peers?

2010-01-03, 03:23 PM
Yes, they have a lot of peers. It's the Phish Red Rocks vids.

2010-01-03, 04:18 PM
I don't know. Maybe your ISP is playing with your P2P connection.

2010-01-03, 05:58 PM
I don't see you currently listed as trying to seed any show.

2010-01-03, 09:26 PM
Two are qued up now and have been. They are both uploading at around 30 kbps, Yet I know I can upload much faster.

2010-01-03, 09:29 PM
do you have DHT enabled in your client?
if so, you could be bypassing the tracker.
your client could also have a limit set on upload speed.

2010-01-03, 09:34 PM
I do have DHT enabled .I tried turning it off yesterday and It didn't seem to help. My upload speeds are set pretty high as well. I'm going to disable DHT again and see what happens.

2010-09-14, 03:32 PM
I am haveing a very simular problem. I've port forwarded on my lan cable and that's what I'm currently on, I look at TTD and it says not firewalled. Yet in Vuze it says I have 5 peers and 0 are connected

Edit: just opened it up in utorrent, appears to be working. Strange...

2010-09-17, 07:01 PM
So I managed to bypass all that port forwarding stuff. I found a feature on my router called DMZ. It's where you make an IP on the network that will have no protection. Then I set my wired connection to always use that IP and my wireless to never use it. So when ever i want to turn of my firewall I just plug it in.