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2009-08-15, 01:54 PM
This is from a silver CD I was stupid enough to buy some years ago. Can't really say it much better than the title. Is this a remaster from a lossy source? Or did they just decide to add noise to it for some reason? Is there any other way this could have happened?

Spectral included (EAC zoomed to 5 seconds, I think it's all that's needed in this case)

2009-08-15, 02:07 PM

buying the disc doesn't make you stupid if you enjoyed listening...

but yes, that is from a lossy source. The low pass filter and missing chunks of audio are unmistakable.

2009-08-15, 02:18 PM

Yeah I know.. but they've done something to it afterwards. Normally it would be black over 15khz and the missing chunks. That's what made me curious.

Now I know this was seeded on dime and was banned for being lossy. The CD I bought was probably that version except incomplete too, so yes it was a rather stupid choise to support this rip-off. Of course at the time I didn't know about TTD or dime.

2009-08-15, 02:45 PM
they've just EQ'd the lossy source, most likely. Amplified the noise.

2009-08-15, 02:59 PM
Ok. Makes sense!

Thanks again :)