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2009-07-15, 08:58 PM
I recently received videos from someone who shot a gig. The videos are in AVI format and I wish to edit them and sync audio that I want to have replace the audio on the videos. I want to use a program that won't sacrifice any of the original quality.

I have done some searching and research from past topics on here. Is Sony Vegas the best program to edit the video and sync the audio without losing quality? How hard is it for a a beginner to use and get used to?

Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated!

2009-07-15, 09:08 PM

2009-07-17, 08:00 AM
Well I have been experimenting with Vegas and everytime I go to play my media in the preview box, it always slows down the program to the point where it freezes the entire Sony Vegas. Is there settings that will allow me to view the changes I have made in the preview box without it freezing the entire program?

2009-07-17, 08:17 AM
what are the specs on yer computer? are you sure you've got plenty of processing/RAM to run the prog?

cuz that shouldn't be happening at all

2009-07-17, 08:55 AM
My computer says I have 782MB available physical memory.

2009-07-17, 09:29 AM
tryin to remember how to get yer full specs on a Windows PC...i think if you go to the My Computer icon on yer desktop, right-click and select Properties

then it should tell you your comp's processor speed [xxx GHz] and your RAM speed [xxx GB or MB]

2009-07-17, 12:02 PM
T7100 @<hidden>
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

2009-07-20, 07:44 AM
should be adequate prcessor, maybe yer RAM is insufficient...definitely stop all other programs when running vegas...other than that, dunno

i'll let a PC user to chime in but

2009-07-20, 04:05 PM
processor is borderline acceptable. should be "ok" though.

something is wrong. try uninstalling and reinstalling.

maybe hit ctl>alt>del and pull up the task manager and see if there is a RAM leak in some other program or perhaps Vegas. watch that window when the program lags and you will likely see your problem.