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2009-06-30, 11:27 AM
I recently acquired flac files of an audio cd. It's from a TV concert broadcast, and allegedly the audio was captured direct to WAV and converted to flac. I'm new to this kind of analysis but it doesn't look right to me. Here's a pic of the frequency analysis. Can this really be considered lossless? Would it pass muster as a torrent?

Thanks in advance.

2009-07-07, 02:45 PM
can't be certain with what you're showing us so far, but a typical mp3/otherwise lossy source would drop completely off at 16kHz or so. if you could post a 10-20 second flac sample or just a short song from the set to megaupload/sendspace/similar and add the link here I can check it out and tell you more.

2009-07-09, 02:12 PM
Sorry, I'd just about given up on this post. Thanks for the suggestion, but I've decided against uploading this particular show. I'm still curious to learn more about the process, but I'll wait until it applies to go further.