View Full Version : Is this lossy?

Andy L
2009-06-07, 06:58 AM
I can't decide whether this recording is lossy or not? The dropoff at 17K seems severe in the first screenshot but there are points during other songs from the same recording (as shown in the second screenshot) where the dropoff is much more gradual... any help would be appreciated!

2009-06-07, 01:33 PM
Yeah, it definitely looks lossy to me. It's not so much that the second shot is more gradual; it's that the frequencies below 17K just aren't as pronounced as in the first example. Basically, it's just due to the different music at the moment. The frequencies above 17K are very close in both.

Andy L
2009-06-08, 11:56 AM
OK, thanks for the explanation... time to delete the files then!

2009-06-19, 12:22 PM
looks bad... since there's noise above 16kHz it seems to be mp3>remaster>flac ! :eek: