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2009-04-05, 04:39 AM
Hi All ...been dealing with my Soundcard not working properly.,I'm posting this message here 'cause I have 'been dealing with this problem for over 3 weeks already.

Here's the story :

After getting a virus by oppening Internet Explorer ,Had to reformat my Desktop pc.
Upgraded my OS to service pack3 ( Windows XP Pro )
Some of my programs were acting a little crazy..By way of google I fixed most of my problems.
The only problem I have rigth now is I have about 30 casset tapes that I would like to transfer to CD.
And everytime i try to record some of the tapes I end up with a Fastforward sounding recording or skips every other second.
I emailed the manufacturer already and have not received an answer ( Diamond Media )..Downloaded all the updates and fixes from there website to no avail
Reformated my HD 2 times already.
What I would like to know is HOW TO TEST MY SOUNDCARD TO MAKE SURE the card is the problem...Or If I should cosider buying another sound card...or a new computer...The soundcard that came with the PC quit working a few months back and it was replaced by the diammond card sound card.
Hopefully someone has had the same problem and was able to fix the Issue

Any help or links on how to fix my problem will be appreciated.


2009-04-05, 08:09 AM
format > fresh install & issues?! ...sounds like a very old computer. specs?

most computers have a diag partition to test out hardware (or came with a disc)..
if not, here is a 3 second search result:

(goto: Start > Run ..type: taskmgr) is your CPU/memory maxed out? that would be my best guess.

2009-04-09, 11:47 PM
Hey direwolf..thanks for looKing at my post.
Here are the rest of the specs on my pc :

Windows xp service pack3
Intel pentium 4 CPU 2.50 GHZ
1.2 GB RAM
Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics controller

I Used to record thru Nero Wave editor...I have tried other programs like CDwave / Windows Sound Recorder / Audacity and every time i get the same result.
At this point it seems like the audio card might be the problem.
I'm Looking into buying a M-audio card......Just have to test my set up One more time.
Thanks for the reply.