View Full Version : canopus advc100 help...

2009-03-24, 12:08 PM
i haven't used my canopus advc100 for awhile..last night i hooked it up and audio problems...

i use rca plugs from the vcr out to the in rca plugs on the canopus and then use the firewire in/out to the pc...i get a picture but no audio at all...i can't remember if any setting got changed on the vegas or on the canopus.

if i go rca out on the canopus to my camcorder i do get sound....but i really don't want to go through the camcorder...

any ideas on what would be doing that.?

2009-03-24, 07:03 PM
Maybe check the selector switches on the bottom and make sure they are set correctly. You may also want to restart your PC with the firewire already connected to it and the advc.