View Full Version : ac3 audio will not play in sony vegas...

2009-01-29, 10:53 PM
have a video that is from a standalone dvd recording...when i try to import it to sony vegas it will not put the audio in it, only the video...the audio is ac3...any ideas on how to get the audio on it also so i can synch up some new audio...

2009-01-30, 02:41 PM
ac3 requires a separate plugin for older versions of vegas. You had to pay for it separate. You could open it with Sound Forge or the likes and convert it to wave. That might change something in the timing though. I am not sure. Probably not that much that would make a difference since you are syncing new audio.

2009-01-30, 08:10 PM
ac3 never syncs correctly in Vegas 6. Convert it to wave first, as stated above, and then put it in Vegas. I've not had issues with the converted wave not syncing, but it is possible.

2009-01-30, 09:08 PM
how do i convert the audio to wav.?

2009-01-30, 09:15 PM
just upgrade to vegas 8

2009-01-30, 09:27 PM
just upgrade to vegas 8

lol...wish i could...!!!