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2008-12-09, 08:41 AM
I am going to set up a trade with a serious collector so I thought I should better check my recordings for lossy stuff. I never did that before (shame, I know) and first one that I checked looks so suspicious (while provided lineage looks fine) that I am too confused to learn what is what and check rest. I am attaching a sample. Thanks in advance for help.

2008-12-09, 09:30 AM
Would be better if you post more powerful sample with percussion, guitar etc. Hard to judge on an acoustic set, however it looks good.

2008-12-09, 09:48 AM
Those are demos. First I made frequency analysis with Audacity and there was cut after 19kHz, so You say this may be just because of nature of recording? Thanks for help.

2008-12-09, 01:05 PM
strange how it cuts off, but it doesn't totally cut off there's a tiny bit of noise in the highs :hmm:

in other words, its lossless so far as I can tell

2008-12-09, 03:52 PM
Looks OK to me.

Any chance of you seeding those Lanegan demos here? Sounds great. I love that album.

2008-12-09, 08:27 PM
Sure, later... remind me in 2009... if needed ; )

2008-12-12, 01:26 AM
Thanks. Look forward to it.

2008-12-12, 09:05 PM
My dad is a SUPER Collecter. He has this cd thing that is like the last one in the world..... Trades too much :lol4:

2008-12-13, 08:05 PM
Done : )
Any chance for this one?
Mark Lanegan - 10/15/00 Lola's Lounge, Portland, OR

2008-12-13, 08:50 PM
Just dug it up. Let me transfer it to the PC, and I'll have it up shortly. I'll post here when it's up.

2008-12-13, 11:01 PM
Any chance for this one?
Mark Lanegan - 10/15/00 Lola's Lounge, Portland, OR

It's up.