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2008-11-30, 12:27 PM
What's the best way to go about this?

I have a MAC and a turntable (RCA outputs). Do I need a pre-amp?

2008-11-30, 12:31 PM
What's the best way to go about this?

I have a MAC and a turntable (RCA outputs). Do I need a pre-amp?

I think skip did a transfer recently. you might want to ask him, although I'm sure you will get help here also. :thumbsup

2008-11-30, 12:43 PM

I was helped by my friend who works for ART and I still found it to be too much trouble for me but I am not so slick with this stuff...I just play the LPs.

2008-11-30, 01:05 PM
Thanks Dad. I'm guessing I'll need some type of preamp so I'll check it out.

2008-11-30, 01:06 PM
you'll of course need to run yer turntable into a RIAA amp to boost the signal [i'm guessing yer running yer TT into a home stereo amp w/ phono in]

depending on the "quality" of transfer yer looking for, you can go a few ways...easiest/cheapest would be running TT > home stereo amp > output via RCA-to-stereo 1/8" mini > 1/8" mini input on your computer

but i'd recommend something better quality for the A/D conversion, be it a soundcard or external preamp...

personally, i transfer one of 2 ways, depending on what state the lab is in:
TT > DJ mixer > RCA > Marantz PMD671
TT > DJ mixer > 1/4" > Edirol UA5 > USB > comp

depending on the amount of records yer working on and whether or not you trust sending em thru the mail, i'd be more than happy to help ya out Scott, just PM me :wave:

2008-11-30, 01:58 PM
AA, based on a google search, I take it the "DJ Mixer" is software?

I have so many vinyl LP's and 45's lying around, this will be an ongoing project.

Let me ask you this, I have Pro Tools with an I/O box. I'm thinking I could plug the TT into the I/O box (preamp?, then record using protools?

Forgive me for not being up on Pro Tools, but I'm not.

2008-11-30, 03:11 PM
no, by "DJ mixer" i meant my actutal mixer i used for DJing:


you can use pro tools to record with, yes...but you will need to use some sort of RIAA preamp for boosting the TT's signal level [phono] -- my mixer above is what handles this stage in my setup...you could also use a home stereo that has a specific phono/turntable input

what specific I/O box are you using? MBox? or something else....

2008-11-30, 03:18 PM
also, keep in mind that your needle cartridge plays a major factor in the overall quality...as does a clean record surface ;)

feel free to PM me if you run into any ?s or are looking for advice, i've messed with vinyl for years & am in the midst of a major archiving project as well

2008-11-30, 03:21 PM
I'll be watch you guys.

2008-11-30, 03:26 PM
Yes, I have the mbox which I thought was a sort of preamp?

My home stereo is downstairs and not convenient for this project. That's why I'm searching my options for going TT>Comp.

This is going to be a huge project since I

2008-12-01, 02:57 AM
mbox is designed to work with line inputs or microphones... you could try it with that but will most probably get the best results using an amp specifically designed to amplify the signal that comes from a turntable.

ps if you search technobabble thread titles for "vinyl" you'll find a few more threads on this topic with lots of good advice in them.

2008-12-01, 04:03 AM
standard turntable outputs are similar in level to microphone - except for grounding the TT if you can adapt the rca's to go mic in you might be all set, but a TT preamp is an easier way and probably better.
I have gone TT out rca > 1/4 inch adapters into mic in, but that mbox has xlr mic in, line in 1/4 and DI 1/4, so I dunno 4 sure. Ground wire (if your TT has an external ground wire) could attach to something metal on the mbox or to the outer ring of one of the rca's - just listen for no more buzzing hum when it's on right.
With most mic pre's there's some sort of trim pot or pad that will let you adjust levels to boost or cut enough to bypass a TT pre altogether...