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2005-04-27, 07:16 AM
Hey everyone!

I want to put a link to a website on a DVD menu so when the user selects this option, provided they are using the DVD on a PC with internet access, their default browser will display the website. Is this possible? If so, how?

Thanks in advance!!

2005-04-27, 08:47 AM
I think I've only seen a DVD open a page from the disk in a browser, using autorun.inf, then that page has links to the web. Don't know if what you ask can be done, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to put Easter eggs in a DVD?

2005-04-27, 08:54 AM
That might do, how can I do that? Using autorun.inf?
Appreciate the help!

2005-04-27, 10:01 AM
I'm at work and don't have a music dvd handy but a MS-Office DVD has something similar it's like this

a page with a link (default.htm), then a txt file autorun.inf containing


OPEN=Autorun\ShelExec default.htm

then on the disc it has a folder with the shellexec.exe
and in the root the autorun.inf and the default.inf

I will be going home soon and I will check a music DVD and post what I find

2005-04-27, 10:12 AM
I'd appreciate that...thanks diggrd!!!

2005-04-27, 12:25 PM
you can put a link, i have never done it so i can't give you details

you can also do easter eggs, those i have done
you make your menu
you make your menu overlay, usually has to be in greyscale
you have a "egg" button that is ONLY on the overlay (the overlay is not seen unless a highlight button is on top of the actual greyscale writing)
in your authoring program you add a button that goes to the "egg" and set the other bottons so that there is only ONE that if you press right/left/up/down, whatever, EXACTLY right it moves to and highlights the "egg"

you can get more complex if you want by making 2 or 3 moves before it highlights the "egg" but for most people they will not even find it with one simple move and if anyone really wants to find a egg they can do it easy on a comp by moving the mouse over the menu and seeifn ig any hidden highlights appear

2005-04-28, 11:00 AM
There is something called "DVD@<hidden>" for embedding URLs into DVD menus, but I don't know very much about it. It seems to have been invented by a German company (Astarte Gmbh) in 2000, and has been adopted by Apple as a standard feature of its DVD authoring and playing software.

I don't know what PC-based authoring software supports it, but apparently, a DVD authored with DVD@<hidden> will "enable links on any Windows DVD player". Not quite sure how that can work though.


2005-04-29, 06:00 PM
in 2000, and has been adopted by Apple as a standard feature of its DVD authoring and playing software.
that must be why i know you can do it, i have seen places in studio pro to link sites

2005-04-30, 09:58 AM
The jimi hendrix DVD I have uses a macromedia executable "jimiweb.exe" and this autorun.inf file


King Crimson's "deja VROOOM" has one that prompts to load acrobat to read a pdf but no web link

Tull's "Living in the Past" has a contact page with the url but no hyperlink, same with Classic Rock Legends Progressive Rock Collection

haven't found any with a link in the menu yet

2005-04-30, 12:26 PM
maybe i will make one for fun to see how it works in dvdsp