View Full Version : DVD Audio - MPEG 2CH/TOSLINK problem

2005-04-20, 01:12 PM
I recently obtained a copy of the UNC/Illinois NCAA Championship game on DVD (Go HEELS !!!), and the audio is in MPEG 2CH, but for argument's sake, we'll say it's one of the Dave Matthews Band woodstock shows (which is also in MPEG 2CH).

My problem is the video plays just fine, but I get no audio coming thru my receiver.

my setup:
Toshiba standalone DVD player (3108)
component video cables direct to TV
TOSLINK digital optical cable to receiver

Is the Toslink cable the problem? Do I have to use RCA (red/white) cables in order to listen to this?


2005-04-20, 01:17 PM
wouldnt hurt to try it, my gut feeling is yes you need to use RCA but now i am gonna have to experiment with that myself...

2005-04-20, 09:24 PM
figure it out jc?

or anyone have input on this?

2005-04-20, 10:06 PM
Isn't there a menu for audio output configuration ? Explore those possibilities ?

Just a thought.