View Full Version : Old astra satellite VHS < tape

2008-07-17, 01:55 PM
Finally I am able to digitalize my old tapes. In the early 90s I recorded several shows by VHS from which I made audio tapes. The TV signal was received from the Astra satellite(s). Cuts off around 14 khz but doesn't really look lossy to me. Still, I'm not sure... Is this tradeable? (The black hole in the SA is just a recording pause.)

2008-07-17, 04:07 PM
looks okay to me

2008-07-18, 04:21 PM
Thanks, five. If I manage to reduce the bad TV signal hiss I will seed some.

2008-07-18, 05:46 PM
if its your first time trying hiss reduction odds are you will do more harm than good! I recommend leaving it alone until you've got a couple years experience working with it (I made some BAD mistakes with NR a few years back, myself).

2008-07-19, 06:47 AM
Thanks for mentioning, five. I already had read this informative thread before. Frustrated by my own attempts to de-noise I thought I had to find out what experienced people say about it. I have a few shows which sound quite good, at least for their age and I will keep them as raw as possible, certainly I won't nr them.
Now these tapes from TV are different, the hiss is bad often and I don't think I will upload many of them. Probably I will use the dolby of the tape deck only to try to reduce the noise.