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Bob Garage
2008-06-19, 01:23 PM

sorry to keep asking, but I get paranoid.

I am checking three shows I have two I wasn;t sure if they were lossless or not the third (iron maiden) i know I downloaded as flac files but looking at this i;m not 100% convincened its lossess.

I've cut a track off each show to 3 seconds and here are the analytis pics..

Kiss, Judas Priest and Iron Miaden.

Any help gratefully recieved.


2008-06-19, 01:24 PM
None of them look that good to me, but I would take an expert's appeal, such as Five or dcbullet.

2008-06-19, 01:28 PM
The Maiden looks quite lossy, but, as Leif said, let the experts decide.

2008-06-19, 02:02 PM
I agree the maiden looks suspicious

but its seriously hard for me to see anything from those sf screencaps. upload some samples, pls.

Bob Garage
2008-06-19, 02:15 PM
Five, thanks for your help.

I have put the three samples in a zip file and uploaded it here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jlziwr

I wasn't sure on the Kiss or Judas Priest ones I traded for them a while agao. The Iron Maiden one however I download 4 years ago when it was released (from either here or dime I can't remember which) as flac files and I burnt them stright to audio CD, which is why I am slightly paranoid that they are not lossless. (should have checked at the time I downloaded them).

2008-06-19, 03:22 PM
Iron Maiden is minidisc (atrac)>analog transfer>flac
the other two are lossless made with lowgrade equipment

I feel 99.99999% sure

Bob Garage
2008-06-19, 03:23 PM
cheers Five.

Your help is much apreciated!