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2008-05-21, 01:58 AM
i find myself having some problems in making a 16:9 dvd, and i dont know why.
im recording with either sony hc47 or hdv-hc3 with setting 16:9 selected.
i edit with vegas pro8 > again setting are selected for 16:9.
the problem arise when i need to create teh dvd with dvd architect.
if i select the widescreen option, the image is not covering the whole screen, it looks like this:


any ideas on why or how to sort this out?
i also have tried to create a menu with ulead, but after editing in vegas some verical lines appear which are not there if i do it with dvd architect.

2008-05-21, 07:12 AM
It looks like you rendered it in 4:3 out of Vegas

Before you start in Vegas:
File > Properties > Template > NTSC DV Widescreen
Render in Vegas:
Render > Save as (Mpeg2) > Template (DVD Architect NTSC Widescreen)

2008-05-21, 10:20 AM
thanks that was it...i got fooled cos the size was the same 720*480
cheers im redoing it now, but im pretty sure that was it