View Full Version : I have a DVD to upload....wanna make sure my info is straight first....

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 02:01 PM
This is the info I have for this, that I just got in a trade. Quality is an A/A- Pro-Shot DVD.

Soul II Soul
1990: A New Decade
Live from Brixton

VIDEO BITRATE: 4482 kbps

I don't have lineage, and was kinda confused by the options I was given as I don't know anything about the different types or whatever.

I got the above info from G. Spot

2008-05-20, 02:16 PM
You might want to send a PM to saltman and/or Schmoe so they see this thread.

Usually they will ask if you did any sort of research on this to see if you can find any source information. Google is what I usually use. I tried using "Soul II Soul A New Decade" and "Soul II Soul A New Decade bootleg" and wasn't really finding anything relevant. Maybe try a few other terms that you think may help you find some sort of information (do you know of any unofficial bootleg/live recording sites for stuff by them? I didn't see them on the bootleg archive.).

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 02:19 PM
Just sent one to Saltman.

2008-05-20, 02:34 PM
first bitrate above should be audio bitrate.

does the dvd have chapter marks that align with the songs? or are they random every 5 minutes or so?

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 02:35 PM
let me check real quick.

edit: yeah I fixed that, I just accidentally typed "video" instead of "audio" for that first bitrate.

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 02:38 PM
They are at the beginning of each new song, not random 5 minute ones.

2008-05-20, 02:46 PM
That typically suggests that it was computer authored. Does it have menus?

Can you see a squiggly line at the top and bottom of the screen when you play it on a computer. That is head switching noise and shows it was probably VHS sourced. Sometimes TVs crop this out and you won't be able to see it. That is why it is important to play it on a computer to test that.

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 02:49 PM
I'm playing it on my computer and it doesn't have the VHS tracking

I got two dvds, one of them (a D'Angelo concert) was VHS sourced and I'm not even bothering with that one.

I wanted to post up a sample but I can't figure out how to cut the .vob file

And there's a title menu, kinda generic looking

2008-05-20, 03:03 PM
Generic looking menu sounds like standalone authored. that is a little confusing.

Does it have any TV logos on the screen?

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 03:04 PM
No Logos....let me take some screen shots....

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 03:09 PM

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 03:10 PM
Those pictures make it seem like there's these lines through the video and the pics are not as good quality as the video is.

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 03:11 PM
But the concert IS about 20 years old now. lol

2008-05-20, 03:26 PM
It's definitely pro shot. Looks like it was shot for TV but that is speculation.

Lineage would be something like this.

Proshot > ? > unknown transfer > DVD

Is the generic menu a blue screen with a few titles on it?

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 03:29 PM
Yeah. I was thinking that it was obviously shot for TV, but has no logos. It might have been rebroadcast and someone captured it onto a DVR or something like that. A Digital Source.

Here's a screenshot of the menu.


2008-05-20, 03:37 PM
That looks Stand alone.

Lineage is something like this.
Proshot TV? > ? > SA > DVD

It would be nice to include the setlist also. and total running time.

oops. I see you have the run time above.

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 03:40 PM
I'll try to find a setlist for it.

That's all I need then?

The information I posted at the top, that lineage, and the setlist?

2008-05-20, 05:04 PM
Pretty much. It would be nice to include your screenshots also.

Here is a thorough seed to use as a model. See if there is anything there you are missing.


It would be nice to say that you are unsure of the specifics of the lineage and this is your best guess based on looking at the material.

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 09:07 PM
So wait, my dvd was pulled because I didn't have the folder set up properly?

So it's supposed to have a folder called "soul II soul live at Brixton" and the inside that main folder is supposed to be a folder called "VIDEO_TS" with all the files in it and a folder called "EXTRAS_TS" with the artwork/md5/info/etc in it?

So it was pulled because I had the video files in the main folder without a VIDEO_TS folder?

*banging head against wall*

2008-05-20, 09:20 PM
Yes to all 3 questions.

Follow these steps in the seeding guide

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-20, 09:39 PM

Trying this one more time......

1. copies the VIDEO_TS folder from the dvd in the drive to a folder called "Soul II Soul - Live at Brixton Academy"

2. creates EXTRAS_TS folder inside the main folder (Soul II Soul Folder)

So now there's a Soul II Soul Folder with 1 VIDEO_TS and 1 EXTRAS_TS folder in it.

Inside the Video_TS are all the vob, ifo files etc.

Insidet he Extras_TS is going to be the text file with the bitrate info and all that, and the md5 checksum file.

Anything I'm missing here?

2008-05-21, 12:04 AM
Anything I'm missing here?

Nope, that sounds right.

The Sixth Rat Packer
2008-05-21, 12:21 AM
Anything I'm missing here?

Nope, that sounds right.

Just wanting to make sure because I don't want some ticky tack thing left out and suddenly it's being pulled again.

2008-05-23, 06:17 AM
This looks like a rip from an official release? Soul II Soul - 1990 New Decade Live (1990)?