View Full Version : Uploading video question-nero vs windows???

2008-03-09, 11:26 AM
I was trying to upload some videos from my video camera. I uploaded several things in Nero and 1 hour of video took nearly 7 GB. So then I tried Windows Movie Maker and it uploaded 1 hour of film in 667 MB. I'm wondering why it takes up so much less space. The quality doesn't seem to be any different, i don't think. Any help or explanations would be great. Thanks!

2008-03-09, 11:34 AM
one was raw video and one was compressed.

You'll find that the smaller the file, the lesser the video quality, generally.

What is your end-goal for the video? DVD? emailable clips?

2008-03-09, 02:29 PM
Thanks, so Windows produces compressed, Nero=raw. I'm actually doing DVD's of my daughter's first year. I didn't really notice a difference in quality when I did a trial run, but then again, maybe it did look compressed some. I ran out of HD space, so I started UL them in Windows.

2008-03-09, 03:11 PM
Windows is probably compressing them to VCD quality file formats and Nero is doing DVD. There are probably settings for both to adjust the quality. I bet if you drop the resultant file into Gspot you will see mpeg1 for windows and mpeg2 for Nero. is the Nero file .avi and the other .mpg?